I Brought My Friends and Family With Me…and My Stuff!

“I’m taking a road trip to freedom, but wait; there are few things I might be needin”

Pardon me for quoting myself.   The above is a line from “Stuff” (co-written with Melanie Johnson).   As if Sue and I didn’t have enough stuff to squeeze into the car, I unexpectedly acquired a “few” more things two days before we left.

Here’s my sister, Margie, and I with the gifts she brought: J and M Stuff

Do you see what she did?

Road Trip List

And the topper…look at the card she made. That’s my dad, my sister, Mary Kay, and my little brother, Tom. There are six more of us are in there somewhere (and two yet to be born). We’re headed to the family cabin on Daggett Lake in Minnesota.

road trip card

I was so thrilled by this surprise, and so touched by her creativity and effort. (Seriously, she got me a copy of Air Supply’s Greatest Hits!)

Since then, Michael P Smith’s beautiful song “I Brought My Father With Me” keeps running through my head. Because, dear friends and family, I do feel as if I am bringing you along on this epic adventure. Thank you ALL for your encouragement and support!

Here’s a link to Michael P. Smith’ song.  http://youtu.be/cFdu_MydIz0





3 thoughts on “I Brought My Friends and Family With Me…and My Stuff!”

  1. What lovely gifts from your sister! Thanks for sharing that Michael Smith song! I remember hearing that for the first time when he gave me his CD with this song on it, a couple of years ago, which was during the first year after my mom had died, and it was very powerful. I sat in my parked car while it played, and just cried and cried, unable to leave until the song was over. I loved listening to it again. Happy adventuring!

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    1. Jeanne, thanks for sharing your story. I bought the CD from Michael Smith the summer after my mom died, so I know what you are saying…it is a powerful song. Isn’t is wonderful how music taps into those emotions? Songs like this helped me process my grief.

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