Roadside Attractions #1

I am a sucker for  uniquely odd over-sized roadside attractions.  To me, they are a bright spot on a long drive and they make me smile.  I make it a practice to stop the car and take pictures when traffic, time, and my traveling companions allow.  Lucky for me, Sue is not only amenable to spontaneous stops along our journey, but she’s all about interacting and posing with said gigantic Americana delights.

First, here’s a little oddity that was parked at our hotel in Hays, KS.

I want one of these!
I want one of these!

Classy trailer, eh?

Next, I must document that we drove through Alma, CO and I stress “drove through” because we did not stop to visit any of the local marijuana dispensaries.   I had it in mind that I might need to visit such an establishment…just because I could.  But common sense prevailed and we drove on.

South Park Hydroponics
South Park Hydroponics

On our long drive from the South Park area to Salt Lake City today we drove through Dinosaur, Co. and saw a number of choice roadside dinos, but the traffic situation was tricky at the time.  Oh, the one that got away – a smiling pink behemoth!  I was lamenting that missed opportunity when we drove through another town, Vernal, UT.  and caught side of a real gem.  “We have to stop!”, I whined; and Sue abruptly whipped the car into a gas station, sending my camera flying to the floor of the car.

First, the pumpkin.

Pumpkin - Vernal, UT

I don’t know why the pumpkin.  But then again:


Why is the dinosaur wearing a hat, eating a watermelon, and grilling a burger and hot dog?  We don’t care, do we!!?

Sue is hungry.
Sue is hungry.

Honestly, what more could one ask for in a roadside attraction?

Sue on dinosaur leg


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