Houseboat Heaven

“Ya just never know”, as we’ve established, where life is going to take you.  In a recent experience, the “where” was a houseboat!

When we were looking for gigs in the Bay area our friend, Claudia, had put us in touch with her songwriter friend, Steve Meckfessel.  Steve offered to host a songwriter gathering at his place – a kind offer indeed since he didn’t know us at all. We are thankful that he trusted Claudia enough to take us in, so to speak.

And because Steve’s place, as it turned out, is a houseboat, Sue and I were treated to a new experience. Although sharing songs on a houseboat was not on our “to-do-on-tour” list, it turned out to be an unexpected pleasure. We were both fascinated with the houseboat. It was, as the name indicates, a house…but it was a boat!  I think I was expecting something cramped and creaky: more along the lines of the Crooked House meets Popeye.   But instead, we were in a comfortable and handsomely crafted home.  And the view was beautiful!

View from the houseboat deck

As we stood on the balcony viewing the lights and their reflections across the bay, we felt the movement of the water “rock the house” ever so gently.  On the main level, in the living room, it was easy to forget we were not on solid ground.  We noshed a bit and chatted with the others, discovering connections and common ground as one tends to do, and then the song-sharing began.  This was far better than any “inland” gig we might have landed.  We were witness to such quality songwriting and musicianship!  What a lovely experience to be welcomed on a cool summer evening into a warm circle of new friends.

It was dark when we arrived so we couldn’t see too much of the immediate area, but these pictures give you the idea. IMG_6716


If you’d like to listen to some music of a couple of the songwriters we met, click on the names below:

Steve Meckfessel

Larry Diehl


One thought on “Houseboat Heaven”

  1. This sounds so wonderful! I just watched a show yesterday on “extreme houseboats” – these were unbelievable; but any houseboat sounds exciting to me after watching that. What a lovely turn of events for you both!

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