What happens when two free spirits, contained in the bodies of Midwest, middle-aged singer/songwriters, decide to go on a month-long tour out West?

After months of planning, Jane Godfrey (St. Louis) and Sue Fink (Chicago) are about to find out.  September 2014 will be a month of traveling down unfamiliar roads, literally and figuratively.  We’ll perform at cafes and restaurants, private house concerts, and other venues.  We’ll connect with far-away family and friends, and make new connections, too.  We’ll stop to see anything large (think giant weird statues) and have other adventures along the way.

We intend to share our adventures here, via text, photos, and video.  We hope you’ll enjoy our adventures along with us, and cheer us on with your comments!


…or, Jane & Sue's Excellent Adventure(s)

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